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Ugly Chews

Hair-On Hide Rolls

Hair-On Hide Rolls

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Dogs love the unique texture of our hair-on, whole hide beef hide rolls! These all-natural, chemical-free chews last long enough to be used over multiple chew sessions. The hair is rolled on the inside for a mess-free experience and your dog will have a blast “discovering” it as they chew.

All purchases are covered by our no-questions money-back guarantee.

These full-hide dog chews are great for your power-chewer. By leaving the hair on, the chews last longer while also cleaning up the entire digestive system. You won't find any industrial chemicals or additives in these hides. They are 100% natural beef hides sourced from local ranches.


Our chews are hand-cut and air-dried, so sizes are approximate. Thickness (and chew time) will vary depending on which part of the cow each individual chew comes from.


Dogs get a lot of benefits from chewing. It relaxes them and releases dopamine and serotonin, which are responsible for feelings of happiness, joy, and peace. If you want to get the most value from your chews, let your dog have the chew in 15-30 minute chew sessions. This will space out the dopamine and serotonin so your dog gets to feel good for longer, it makes the chew last longer because it re-hardens in between sessions, and it's safer for the dog.

Safety & Storage

Chewing should always be supervised. Our hides are incredibly durable, but some dogs may still tear large pieces free and try to swallow them whole. To prevent blockages, remove any ripped pieces that could be a choking hazard. If your dog is chowing down too fast to be safe, consider trying a larger size. Store chews in a cool, dry place. Our chews have no preservatives or disinfectants, so make sure there is good airflow (no plastic bags or containers) to avoid mold growth or moisture buildup. For long-term storage, hides can be frozen to keep them fresh.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My dogs loved them

I was a little concerned because of the hair and what it might do when my dogs pooped but they’re totally fine. No weird poops or smells. The dogs just loved them! My younger dog especially loves tearing off the hair. Will definitely buy again.

Danae Dean

These chews are the best my dogs love them and look sooo cute with them🖤🤎 Ruger and Remi thank you!!!

Nailea Jaimes
Amazing mental enrichment!!

My 2 pups have been chewing on these rolls since January and they absolutely LOVE it! I have a crazy Husky pup and she’s still in her ‘tearing everything up’ phase but ever since she’s gotten the chews, I don’t have to worry about her. She even has a spot in the house that is designated for her to chew and she’ll run to it whenever she sees me grab the box they came in 🤣.. My other dog is a 6 year old Boxer and she is a BIG BIG chewer. She will break any ball in less than an hour. The chews will last her about a week if we do the intervals, as recommended. I usually give it to them for about an hour and a half after our walks and they are POOPED! I will forever be a customer as my dogs are my babies and they LOVE Ugly Chews! Thank you so much!!! ❤️

P.s I even got my moms dogs hooked!

Breann Bassett
Fantastic chew!

Our dog Charlie absolutely loved the hair-on hide roll! When we first gave it to him he bounced around and played with it very excitedly before chewing. He is a power chewer but even after a half hour he had only made a small dent in the hide. It is definitely his favorite chew and kept him entertained for a long time. We just ordered more and can’t wait to give him another roll!